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Finance and Business Services

The Buckeye Elementary School District’s Business Department oversees all the district’s fiduciary and procurement responsibilities, including:

• Accounts Payable                                  • Budget Preparation and Oversight

• Grants Management                             • Payroll

• Property Management                       • Purchasing

• Student Activities                                   • Warehouse

For any documents you would like to see or any documents that you did not find listed here, please contact CJ Beckstrom.

Budget and Finance Information

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (ACFR)

Arizona Auditor General District Spending Reports

Contact Information

Chief Financial Officer

CJ Beckstrom
(623) 925-3456

Executive Director of Finance

Courtney Piña
(623) 925-3406


Kristin Bumford
Finance Coordinator
(623) 925-3463

Trenda Long
Finance Specialist
(623) 925-3414

Alejandrina Trujillo
Accounts Payable
(623) 925-3441


Cheryl Burt
Director of Purchasing
(623) 925-3413

Khalilah Edwards
Purchasing Coordinator
(623) 925-3450

Student Information System

KerryAnn Moore
Student Information System Coordinator
(623) 925-3415