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Teaching & Learning

The Buckeye Learning Experience

The Buckeye Elementary School District staff is committed to providing every child access to world-class learning opportunities which allow them to explore, grow and achieve in a positive and nurturing environment. Accordingly, we consistently focus on high quality curriculum and the most effective and research-based teaching strategies to deliver first-rate instruction.  

The following are the foundations of the Buckeye Elementary learning experience.

Curriculum and Instruction Contacts:

Ana Gutierrez
Executive Director of Curriculum & Assessment

Dr. Julie Case
Director of Literacy

Dr. Nancy Pratt
Director of Instruction

Tom Espy
Director of Research & Assessment

Chryste Berda
Math Coordinator

Heather Orozco
Science & Social Studies Coordinator

Katie Preston
Curriculum / ELD Coordinator

Nicole Belden
District Gifted Education Specialist