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Quarter Three for SY 2022-23


Lilia Diego award

Lilia Diego

Lily has over 19 years of experience working as a paraprofessional at BESD and every time she enters our classroom, she is full of energy, positivity, and love. When working with students, they are on task, participating, asking questions, there is lots of positive talk, engagement and there is evidence of learning.

Lily is loved by all of the students and staff. She will help wherever and whenever she is able to, regardless of whether or not it is something assigned to her.  Three words that best describe you are Dedication, Compassion, and Loyalty.

Tracey Stephens award

Tracey Stephens

Tracey is very respectful and kind and goes beyond the needs of her position to make sure we have what we need to help our classes. She listens to what may help our students achieve their goals. She offers help where needed and gets materials to use that can help our students. She keeps Acadience going and helps set expectations for our kinder class and the other primary grade levels.  Three words that best describe you are Dedicated, Responsible, and Personable.

Keith Leppert award

Keith Leppert

Keith is one of the most dependable and consistent staff members on the BES campus. He truly cares for the students and staff and will take on any role in order to support our school. His positivity is contagious, and his dependability is unmatched. A sentence you will hear Keith say time and time again is, "I got it, no problem!"  Three words that best describe you are Dependable, Consistent, and Positive.

Sherry Saylor award

Sherry Saylor

There is absolutely no way to describe Sherry's impact in a short paragraph. 30+ years of connection, support, and love to our students, staff, families, and community make her in many's eyes the "employee of a lifetime." Parents of students come back time and time again singing the praises of Sherry's support and love through their years at BES and they are overjoyed to find out that their children are receiving the same experience. BES is where it is today because of Sherry Saylor and her continuous impact on our community.  Three words that best describe you are supportive, inspiring, and impactful.

Laura Mendoza award

Laura Mendoza

Laura is a person who is always willing to help students and staff in any way that she can. Students can count on her to be someone who will listen and hear their emotions. Being it her first year as admin assistant, she is going above and beyond and taking on this role!  Three words that best describe you are friendly, trustworthy and fantastic.

Chris Hoover award

Chris Hoover

Chris loves his job! He loves to share his love for history and will even come dressed as characters from history to motivate his students. He is very supportive of his team mates as well. Chris is very dependable and always at school. He carries Inca spirit with him and at every Inca game you can catch him yelling or doing the wave for the players. He will even grab a pair of pom-poms and cheer on the panthers to victory. Three words that best describe you are engaging, funny and loyal.

Mayra Sandavol award

Mayra Sandavol

Mayra is so diligent in her work. She cares for the academics and needs of not only the student she is in charge of, but all students in our school. Mayra takes the time to get to know her students. She advocates for them and ensures that her students are making progress towards their goals by carefully documenting for and communicating with appropriate staff. Mayra is the first to say, "How can I help?" She is a very loyal and reliable staff member. Three words that best describe you are helpful, resourceful and reliable.

Tammy Duthu award

Tammy Duthu

She has devoted 20+ years to her profession and is constantly giving her all to her students. She spends numerous hours after school focused on how to improve learning and engagement for her students. She is such an inspiration to our school and those around her by providing useful guidance when needed. Three words that best describe you are amazing, devoted, and patient.

Irma Yanez award

Irma Yanez

Irma is always willing to help the students and staff and is known for her kind and compassionate nature. She goes above and beyond her duties to ensure that everyone feels supported and cared for. Her positive attitude and willingness to assist make her an invaluable member of the team. Irma's dedication to the well-being of others is inspiring and serves as an example to all who interact with her.   Three words that best describe you are helpful, happy and creative.

Tyson Dewitt award

Tyson Dewitt

Tyson has given a lot of planning to teaching both seventh and eighth grade social studies. He goes to all the PDs to learn how to better do his job. He works extra time on making his classroom a place for learning about history. He inspires us by his generosity when he brings snacks and lunch for everyone on the top floor. He has a connection to the kids when he is talking to them. Many students tell me that they love his class and enjoy learning history..  Three words that best describe you are generous, friendly, helpful.

Lourdes Cortez award

Lourdes Cortez

Lourdes has done a really good job organizing our library as well as revamping it's appearance as well as some systems for efficiency. She jumped in midyear and built a positive relationship with students and staff. She ensures students and teachers have the materials in which they needs. Three words that best describe you are organized, flexible, and supportive.

Emilia Castillo award

Emilia Castillo

Emilia truly loves and cares for each one of her students. She is always helping out on campus and telling other teachers her door is always open. She works very hard on making sure each child in her classroom meets their goals. She is very effective and is a great team leader. She goes beyond her job making sure everyone is happy and always has a big smile on her face. She inspires her peers by being positive. Her students and other students love her and come visit her during the day.  Three words that best describe you are dedicated, passionate and caring.

Ewa Jarzabek award

Ewa Jarzabek

Ewa goes above and beyond her call-to-duty every single day. She has outstanding attendance, does a phenomenal job with her side-by-side student and even goes as far as supporting entire classrooms whenever she has the spare moment to do so. She knows each student across the grade level and has established amazing relationships with each one of them, SPED or general education. Mrs. Jarzabek completes her job from her heart and she always pushes students forward. The three words to describe you are amazing, majestic, qonderful.

Celeste Schuett award

Celeste Schuett

Celeste goes above and beyond to help her team and share her ideas. She jumped in to lead Student Council and helped organize their first ever dance since the pandemic. Celeste is always a positive role model for her peers and cares deeply for her students. She definitely goes above and beyond. Celeste inspires others to keep organized and ready beforehand so that they can do the best job possible. Three words that best describe you are intelligent, kind, and generous.

Marcela Dominguez award

Marcela Dominguez

She is always striving to do her best work and puts her heart and soul into every task she is given. Marcela is dedicated and hard-working and her passion for excellence is evident in everything she does. Her positive attitude and willingness to help others are contagious, making her a pleasure to work with. Marcela's commitment to excellence sets a high bar for herself and inspires those around her to strive for the same level of excellence. She is truly a valuable asset to any team or organization and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside her.  Three words that best describe you are dedicated, selfless, and artisan.

Megan Garr award

Megan Garr

Megan Garr is an exceptional teacher who sets high expectations for all of her students. She creates a challenging and stimulating learning environment that encourages students to push themselves to achieve their full potential. Her dedication to her students is evident in the amount of time and effort she puts into planning and preparing her lessons. She is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to engage her students and make learning fun. She opens her doors for other colleagues to come in and learn from her expertise.  Three words that best describe you are driven, prepared, and dedicated.

Danielle McNeil award

Danielle McNeil

Danielle is very patient with her students. She keeps her classroom very organized and her students know the routine. She implements new practices in her classroom that may seem impossible but she will make it work. Danielle goes above and beyond by meeting her students' needs daily. Danielle's cares for her students and you know this by the way she interacts with them. She individualizes each students needs and supports them anyway she can.  Three words that best describe you are dependable, respectful, and kind.

Ana Blas award

Ana Blas

Ana is goal oriented and an exceptional role model. She goes beyond the call of duty to provide a clean and enjoyable environment for our students. Her positive attitude can be felt by all who enter the Bales Cafeteria. With only a couple years of being in her position Ana has proven to be one of our most knowledgeable and reliable employees. She understands the importance of our work and embraces the responsibility we have with our students. Ana is always willing to learn and implement new ideas to improve our students' experience. Ana inspires our students by always having a great attitude and willingness to help. Three words that best describe you are dependable, committed, and impactful.

Mike Johnson award

Mike Johnson

Mike is self motivated. Mike was hired to work in landscaping and to drive a school bus, but had seen a need and filled the gap. Mike is a natural leader. The landscaping crew instantly started turning to Mike for help. Mike is a detailed person when it comes to setting up schedules for trimming trees, bushes and mowing the grass. Mike has refurbished several maintenance equipment items that were left as unfixable. Mike treats the other workers with respect and has made them want to be better at what they do also.  Three words that best describe you are passionate, motivated, and diligent.

Isaac Gonzalez award

Isaac Gonzalez

Isaac is beyond dedicated to students' success. Isaac has helped his students blossom to new heights in his first year of teaching. He has inspired his peers to grow and be better and is the best teammate around. He makes sure that his kids progress and is willing to try whatever means to do his best. He is well respected by students for the dedication he does with them. He inspires to be a better educator everyday. Three words to best describe you are responsible, outgoing, amazing.

John Harrell award

John Harrell 

John is a hard worker, dedicated to his job and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his tasks are completed to the best of his ability. John is a team player, always eager to lend a helping hand and work collaboratively with his colleagues to achieve their goals. Despite the challenges that may come his way, John remains positive and optimistic. His enthusiasm is contagious and it often spreads to his colleagues, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere in the workplace. Three words that best describe you are dedicated, caring, and hardworking.

Dr. Julie Case award

Dr. Julie Case

Julie is an extraordinary human with an exceptional passion for improving learning for students. She is collaborative and works to build knowledge and capacity for all of our teachers. She brings great knowledge and experience to our district and works tirelessly to ensure that all of our systems are working in motion to support our earliest readers. We are so incredibly grateful that she is part of our Buckeye family and so grateful that she calls the central office her second home! Three words that best describe you are thoughtful, reflective, and strategic.

Quarter Two for SY 2022-23


Beth Keiper award

Beth Keiper

Beth is always willing to go above and beyond to support the staff and students at Bales. She is always at work, she never misses a day, which makes things run way smoother knowing she will be there. She finds ways to build relationships with all students and even attends after-school events to help support the students by showing she cares.  Beth is no drama, but she is hard-working, positive and kind. She wants everyone around her to feel that they are welcome and happy.  Three words that best describe you are patient, inspiring, and kind.

Victoria Bell award

Victoria Bell

Victoria is willing to support Buckeye campus in any way possible. She is super flexible and takes on any task with a smile on her face. Tori goes above and beyond by being willing and flexible to support any and all students at BES. She covers classes, supports our 80 minute blocks and supported our library when we were without a librarian. There is no task that Tori won't take on. She is a model of being a constant learner. She views any and all opportunities to support the campus as a learning opportunity to better herself.  Three words that best describe you are flexible, caring, and patient.

Ashleigh Zerbst award

Ashleigh Zerbst

Ashleigh is the team lead and does an outstanding job at it. She works over the weekend almost every week to prepare daily slides that go with the day's lessons to be best prepared for her students. Her planning and organization helps and inspires others to strive to do the same in their classrooms. You will never catch Ashleigh with a bad attitude or hear a negative comment out of her, she is always happy and ready to help others. Three words that best describe you are meticulous, creative, and diligent.

Areli Ortiz award

Areli Ortiz

Areli continuously is going above and beyond for the students. She is a team player and is always ready to help a coworker or student, every second of everyday. By her organization skills and her go-to attitude she has made at Jasinski a better place to be. Areli provides a support system that influences others to be supportive of their coworkers. Three words that best describe you are passionate, team-player and patient.

Gale Taylor award

Gale Taylor

Mr. Taylor is the lifeblood of Bales. His willingness to serve and impact the students of this community is beautiful. He is willing to do anything it takes to make the life of someone easier. Gale is at everything he is invited to be a part of. He checks in on staff and students daily and makes it a priority to be seen and let others know he is available to them. He takes ideas and puts them into action.  Mr. Taylor is an example of positivity, creativity, care and love. You will never catch Mr. Taylor with a frown or bad attitude, he never complains.  Three words that best describe you are tenacious, positive, and heart-centered.

Raquel Mendoza award

Raquel Mendoza

Raquel is always willing to help in the office with parents and students.  Raquel will go above and beyond her duties to make things run as smoothly as possible.  She helps where needed even if it is not her position and she does it wholeheartedly and with a smile. She is very welcoming and professional. Raquel has gained the trust of our students, parents and staff.  Three words that best describe you are dependable, trustworthy and professional.

Jordan Burdon award

Jordan Burdon 

He is dedicated, thorough, and a very hard worker. Jordan is the first one to the school each day to prepare and even to help others prepare. He spends hours planning lessons, giving feedback, and digging through data. Jordan's work ethic inspires his students to try their very best. Jordan is truly the picture perfect coworker! Three words that best describe you are dedicated, hard-working, and resilient.

Katie Basham award

Katie Basham

Katie is always willing to help in any way she can. Whenever asked to help with something, she has never said  no or put off for a later time. She has been willing to model lessons for us and she is always willing to answer a question or help solve a problem. I feel like I can go to her without feeling "less than", and I know that, if needed, our conversations will be held in confidence. She believes in what she does.  Three words that best describe you are efficient, knowledgeable, and generous.

Shahyla Hadley award

Shahyla Hadley

Shahyla is always there when we need her and she is ready to tackle whatever task we put in front of her. She is always willing to help when needed and she’s always so flexible with her schedule.  She is so kind and compassionate with the students and staff. Shahyla is an overall good person who deserves to be recognized for her hard work and caring personality. Three words that best describe you are dependable, kind, and hardworking.

Michelle Andrade award

Michelle Andrade

Michelle is a perfect choice for employee of the quarter because she is passionate, dedicated and committed to her role as an educator. Michelle is very helpful, there isn't a task that she wouldn't do! Michelle also makes sure her co-workers know that they are appreciated. Michelle is such a warm soul, and it shows when she is in her students' presence. Michelle is super fun and her students love her very much. Three words that best describe you are positive, hardworking, and knowledgeable.

Kenda Martin award

Kenda Martin

Kenda is always willing to switch up her schedule to help the team and never complains. She is always bringing in extra prizes for the kids which she provided from her own money to reward the kids she works with. She always steps up to help the entire class, not just her one on one student. She always has a smile on her face and never talks negatively even when it may be a bad day. There is never any conflict with her as she is always a team player.  Three words that best describe you are reliable, caring, and over-achiever.

Jean Mellen award

Jean Mellen

Jean is that teacher who goes above and beyond not only in the classroom but in all areas of our school. She goes the extra mile by building those personal relationships with her students and her families. She discovers how her students learn best, and then motivates her students to push themselves to do their best. Jean's focus is on the achievement of her students. Jean is definitely an inspiration to both her students and her peers. Three words that best describe you are dedicated, passionate and innovative.

Elisa Maciel award

Elisa Maciel

When Mrs. Maciel arrives at work, she knows it's work time, she has a job to do and she does it without hesitation. When we need extra help in other areas on campus, Mrs. Maciel helps and gives it her all.  Mrs. Maciel has covered classes with a partner and can work with anyone. She knows the importance of student education and will do what needs to be done.  She has the mentality that this is the job, so do it. The three words to describe you are refreshing, humble, and hardworking.

Connie Hall award

Connie Hall

Resilient, passionate and dependable are the first things that come to mind when I think of Connie. Connie stepped up and assisted a teacher new to the teaching field while managing over 30 first graders until the position was filled. When entering Connie's classroom, she managed the students as if she had 20 students inside her room. Her expectations are high and set and you will meet those expectations. Three words that best describe you are determined, dependable, and clear!

West Park wolves logo

Margarita Flores

Margarita is the go to for all things at WestPark! She has a wealth of information stored from several years of experience. This past year we have had several new admin assistants in the district and they always know that they can contact Margarita for help without judgment. Margarita is amazing at her job! When things are asked of her, she either has already completed it or is on it right away. WestPark runs smoothly due to her organization and experiences. Three words that best describe you are strong, knowledgeable, and caring.

Kimberly Knapp award

Kimberly Knapp

Kimberly is committed to serving their campus and students. She takes on multiple tasks and still goes above and beyond her job by giving up her own time to take on challenges and help where needed.  She inspires me to bring forth more energy in my day towards my work and to bring on more challenges while having a smile on my face! Three words that best describe you are caring, altruistic, and productive.

Analleli Villanueva award

Analleli Villanueva

Analleli is a very hard worker who is always here on time ready to work. She always goes above and beyond her job duties and is always so welcoming with staff and students. She is always positive and is the light of the room! Her work ethic is amazing and she is truly devoted to her job. The kids love her and I think she deserves to be selected. Three words that best describe you are perseverant, honest, and trustworthy.

Elizabeth Trujillo award

Elizabeth Trujillo

Elizabeth is a charismatic and passionate person who always goes the extra mile to support our BESD students and community. She is a hard working, loyal and dependable person. Elizabeth is new to her position and has done an excellent job at exceeding the expectations. Her organizational skills as well as her hunger to learn have been an exceptional asset to our department. Words that best describe you are inspirational, passionate, dependable, motivated, optimistic and many more.

Marc Cerreto award

Marc Cerreto

Marc helps out without being asked and is always upbeat and positive. He is extremely reliable and wants to always do a good job. Marc always welcomes the students and parents with a smile. Mark will help out anywhere in the district that needs it.  Marc sees a need and jumps right in to help to the best of his ability. He is even helpful to families that are new to Buckeye and learning the locations of places in the city. Three words that best describe you are loyal, funny and upbeat.

Cumorah Richardson award

Cumorah Richardson

Cumorah, aka Chachy, faces every situation focused on solutions. She is a natural leader in the classroom and across the SOAR program. She has an amazing ability to build consensus and drive the team to a common goal. Chachy is always focused on continual improvement and is the first one to take on tasks that will result in more effectiveness or efficiency. She is not opposed to change and regularly surfaces opportunities to strengthen practice and/or process. Three words to best describe you are intentional, impactful, and amazing.

Alejandrina Trujillo award

Alexjandrina Trujillo

In addition to Alexjandrina performing her job at an exemplary level, Alex demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to the district as well as to our vendors.  Alex is helpful, caring, resourceful and happy to offer service no matter the task. She is dedicated and hardworking. She is extremely organized and focused on continuously learning and developing best practices to manage routine tasks both efficiently and effectively. Three words that best describe you are driven, resilient, and attentive.

Nick Forgette award

Nick Forgette

Mr. Forgette’s commitment to learning for students, staff and himself serves as a great example of the mindset required by today’s administrators. Nick understands the importance of making sure that students are learning and, more importantly, that meaningful, relevant student learning creates opportunities for future growth and success. He truly understands the big picture! Three words that best describe you are dedicated, a learner, and steady.